Amazing Message

My dad, who LOVES kids!!!

   All during Sunday lunch, I couldn’t take my eyes off the notes sticking out of my father’s pocket.  My highly trained educator eyes could tell they were phonetically scrawbled by a young boy (Graze Lake Augest = Gray’s Lake August).  We had attended my niece and nephew’s performance at the second service of their church that morning, but there was no mention of Gray’s Lake.  Curiosity got the better of me, “What’s in your pocket Dad?”
   “I don’t know,” he answered somewhat flatly.
   “What do you mean you don’t know–there are notes in your pocket.”
   “I don’t know,” he said more emphatically.  “Some little boy with really big eyes came up to me and said, ‘These are for you,’ and he made me take them.”  My dad handed me the notes and I immediately recognized the context.
   “These aren’t for you–they’re for me–it’s about the woman who spent her life savings trying to get well.  God wanted me to get these notes.”  I was amazed at what God had orchestrated: a little obedient boy had taken notes at the first service, insisted a grandfatherly stranger take them, who took the boy seriously and displayed the notes in his breast pocket, so that the daughter who was a month into her twentieth year of suffering, would know how important it was that she got this message:

Luke 8:40-56
What can we learn from the tale of two faiths?
Embrace the extremes
We must be accessible
We must be available
We must be interruptible
She had continual suffering
She found a compassionate Savior willing to be interrupted
We must be alert to the spiritual
She came for her sickness but she received
We must accept delays as providential
Early death might leave us mourning
Divine resurrection will leave us amazed

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