Gift on a Shelf

     The gift is setting on my shelf…it has been for over four months.  I know what it is, I’m pretty sure I do…I bought the items at a lovely artisan store and was thrilled the moment I saw them…knew they would encourage me. It was a bit of ‘shopping therapy’ after a doctor appointment, so I had the shopkeeper gift wrap them for ‘someone special’. I simply adored the wrapping the moment I saw it–still makes me a little giddy. 
     Then I got busy and consumed with appointments and responsibilities and I set the gift on a shelf ‘for later’ for a time when I really needed encouragement.  Gradually, the bright green box became a permanent part of the decor (dust outline and all)–I would get reminiscent when I saw it, but I didn’t want to open it–didn’t want to ruin the surprise.  In the middle of December–when I was crying almost daily, when I’d endured weeks of interrupted sleep, when I needed a big dose of encouragement–the precious gift I’d been so excited about did cross my mind, but I just didn’t want to bother with it. Maybe I was too comfortable in my funk and didn’t want a good dose of encouragement throwing me off. 
know that gifts are meant to be opened…no matter how they are wrapped.  
know the giver of gift wants me to feel loved.
I know that gifts are meant to be accessed and appreciated and relished–especially gifts from God like salvation and hope and grace and love.   
The reality is, sometimes I set these good and perfect gifts from God on my spiritual shelf; I let them become a part of the scenery while life consumes me and I get comfortable in my funk.  

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