Melt Away the Pounds

I watch The Biggest Loser — for entertainment and inspiration — and like many of my friends, I watch it while eating my favorite comfort food. I’m always astounded by the contestants who, in one week, lose pounds in the double digits. I remember one man who lost 21 pounds in a week–Amazing.      

Cankle with Mini-Muffin Tops in Strappy Sandal
     A few weeks ago, I lost 17 pounds in a week–Amazing, Perplexing, Disconcerting. I wasn’t trying to lose weight and I certainly wasn’t in the gym six hours a day (maybe the bathroom). At the time I was eating food that was organic: chicken with salt, brown rice and carrot juice. I’d been eating that bland, simple combo for weeks at a time to rule out food allergies and in the process heal up my gut. I hadn’t changed my routine or environment. Granted, a chunk of the loss was water weight; for years I’ve had edema that gave me pregnant lady cankles that no diuretic (prescription or natural) had been able to resolve. My feet were like giant wads of Silly Putty and I would find myself idly pressing designs into them–wearing strappy sandals gave my feet mini-muffin tops during the day, but really cool designs at night when I took them off. The edema around my eyes wasn’t as ‘fun’, and made wearing eye make-up cumbersome.
     It is weird and surprising to have your clothes fit differently after just one week.  I had to go over a couple of notches on my belt, causing the waistband of may pants ruffle out (very fashionable)…and my shoes were too big, having been stretched out from years of edema.

     Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped–like an internal switch had been flipped. As weird and amazing as it was to lose 17 pounds in one week without trying, to me it indicated that something was definitely wrong–I needed to take action. But I’m not an action kind of girl, more of a crying, put-your-head-in-the-sand kind of girl; thankfully there are people who are good at pushing me to take action.

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