Spring Break Clubs

or How to Have a Good Spring Break Even Though You’re too Tired to Leave Town

Iron or Diet Coke? May 2012

Club Med:  I’ve been EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED–nearly non-functioning.  Monday I had an appointment with my doctor and my iron levels had been dropping since last May’s infusions, so a couple more infusions were ordered–the first was Tuesday.  I also started having a couple of side effects to a medication I was taking, one side effect was fatigue, so I kind of had double-dose of dreariness (stopped the medication).

Drama Club:  Thursday we started production of “The Domine’s Wife,” and met to go through lists and calendars to determine the best way to get this production off the ground.   Saturday morning our tiny group gathered props and costumes.  I was in this play in 2006 and get to reprise my role as Narrator/various characters.  The production is during Tulip Time at the Pella Opera House

Art Club:  I was a guest artist at my friend’s cottage art studio where I nearly finished a monochromatic picture of Isaiah 58:10-12.  The other artist in residence finished her painting quite handily and gave it to me as a parting gift.

Birthday Club: A trip to Biaggi’s with its great gluten-free menu and Creme, a fun new dessert lounge (two good things: dessert and lounging) = delicious.  Before we went to Creme, I devised a birthday game:  Each person had a limit of $5 (including tax) and 7 minutes to find a gift for me at Wal-Greens…something that I would use and enjoy.  The cashier was a bit befuddled that I was paying for items that I wasn’t looking at and other people had given him to be scanned.  The shoppers came in under budget and I was thrilled with the thoughtful gifts.

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