Would You Rather? II

Once again my life has become “Would You Rather,” the game of two unconventional choices such as: Would you rather have one of your eyes be vertical -OR- your nose be horizontal? (vertical eye, so I could still wear glasses, which would be necessary with a vertical eye)
    My real life choices are: Would you rather be nauseous 75% of the time -OR- instantaneously have your face covered in hundreds of red spots? I choose red spots! I’ve had plenty of nauseousness over the past couple of decades and quite frankly don’t look at myself that often.  I did happen to be looking in the mirror when the last bout of Instantaneous Red Spots occurred and it was fascinating, yet odd, as my face turned various shades of vermillion then settled down leaving the red spots.  Minutes prior to this photo, my face had only one small blemish.
     I must recant…Three and a half weeks ago, Dr. T wanted me to try a medication for a couple of months–I was disappointed and unbelieving and probably a little sarcastic but now I am amazed at how wonderful life is not living in a state of nauseousness. My stomach growls now! During a nauseous bout last December I didn’t eat for over two days and my stomach didn’t growl.
     My stomach doesn’t empty in a timely manner and food just stays there for hours and hours turning into a rancid, nutrition-less goo. No wonder when I would take oral medications/supplements they really didn’t seem to work.  Gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) can occur in about 30-50% of people with Type I Diabetes, but I don’t have Diabetes. Some medical papers have documented that it’s been associated with viral infections.  Hmmmm… I had mononucleosis when this started.

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