Miracle at George’s

    Last Friday evening, I braved the Iowa cold to have supper out with friends. I walked in the door of George’s Pizza and Steakhouse and was hit with a blast of warm air and aroma of burnt grease. I wondered why a restaurant would allow that scent to be what greeted their customers, and then I realized: I smelled burnt grease. I interrupted my friend’s story…”I smell burnt grease.”

     “Kind of, but It smells more like pizza,” she said.
     “I SMELL burnt grease.”
     We reveled in the Friday night miracle at George’s for a few moments–had I regained my sight or hearing, I think there would have been much more aplomb.

Since my concussion I’ve been praying for healing of my nasal nerves as well as using nerve-regenerating essential oils: geranium (don’t like it’s smell, but I can’t smell), peppermint,  and frankincense (symbolizes prayer and annointing)–considering the price I paid, I recognize it was truly a gift for a king. I mix up an elixir like a modern day apothecary and put half a dropper-full in the oil infuser that sets on my headboard; when the lights are on it looks like something off the Starship Enterprise. All through the night I’m inhaling the healing infused oils. I asked an expert in oils if I should put them in my Neti pot and flood my nasal cavities…her reply with a disdainful yet skeptical look, “I don’t think I would do that.” Which roughly translates to: Girl, what are you thinking?
     Dysosmia (distorted smell):  Over the past few days I’ve noticed the aroma of motor oil/gas, mostly when something or someplace is warm or hot. The down side–besides now having to take out my trash and flush my toilet–is that some things are now tasting like motor oil…blech. Isn’t it ironic: my strongest sense of smell is motor oil/gas, yet when I spilled gas on my gloves, I couldn’t smell it at all.  I’m truly encouraged because only 36% of people who have olfactory dysfunction show improvement; I’m hoping to be in the 5% who regain all sense of smell. 

     Last night my niece helped me with a sniff test and I could faintly identify berry, mint and vanilla, however perfume, hairspray and Listerine had absolutely no discernible scent.  Praise God: the sweet smell of baby heads and coffee are right around the corner.

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