On a Scale of 1 to Puke


9-involuntary gyrations of the GI system
8-weird rush of saliva
7-sipping water makes you wonder if it’s really an 8
6-I don’t want to puke, I don’t want to puke
You get the idea.

     Thursday and Friday my level of nauseousness ranged from a 4-7 and I wasn’t thrilled. With the first Snow Day of the season, I had eagerly anticipated a breakfast of snow ice cream made with AE Egg Nog — but when you’re anywhere on the Scale of 1 to Puke, even the thought of the usual creamy deliciousness turns a 2 into a 7 in nano-seconds.
     Friday night I braved it out to a holiday party (no eating or drinking with a fake holiday smile and a quick, ‘Yes, snow days are nice.’) and was jealous of all the others in the educational system who had two uninterrupted days of baking goodies and writing Christmas Cards. By Saturday morning I was in a full-on funk; so disappointed to have lost more time to not feeling well. Last year I had lost an entire week of holiday vacation with family and friends; I basically slept away the Summer of 2012.
     Then, someone reminded me of the Shunamite woman. Elisha warned her of an impending famine, so she immediately left her home. As soon as the seven years of famine had ended, the woman returned to her home only to find it had been taken over and farmed by strangers who refused to leave. She sought out the king to make an appeal to support her claim of her land, property, and home—what rightfully belonged to her but had been taken from her. When God retores, he makes Satan pay back what’s been stolen and then some….“I will make up to you for the years… eaten.” Joel 2:25

This promise is incredible! All along I had wanted to make up those years to God, to make amends and repay Him! But He says, “Wrong! I will make it all up to you – all those years of being wasted, stripped, harassed by the devil. You can’t repay Me for a single wasted hour. Walk before Me in righteousness, and turn from your sins – and I will make up all the losses, whether they were yours, your family’s, or Mine! David Wilkerson


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  1. So sorry that you spent the two snow days feeling yucky. Liked you link to Joel Osteen. I was talking to Jenny Lunkley this morning while I was helping with LTCC. She said she appreciated your blog and you have a neat way of writing. Love and Blessings!!!!


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