This week I called UIHC to see if there was an appointment earlier than late November, because within most schedules there are ‘rogue’ appointments that the nurses can fill at their discretion. I explained my situation to the scheduler and she began looking through the schedule for an earlier appointment. Then I was put on hold a bit and when she got back on the phone she was able to get me an appointment in October, a new clinic day ‘just happened‘ to open up. I asked if there were any ‘rogue’ appointments that the nurse could fill — fortunately, I’m not sick enough for those, they’re for patients from the emergency room. I choose to view this as God’s favor — a new clinic day ‘just happened’ to open up. If this is the appointment the God has planned for me, then I know He’ll sustain me. 

     My knee is feeling a bit better every day, from what I’ve been told, it’s not a quick heal. I was able to make it through the first week of school, feeling much better than I felt last spring. I’m tired, but everyone is tired the first week of school.

Devotions I read the morning I called for an earlier appointment:

Your Best Life: February 15 – Seek God’s Favor

The Lord is my portion; I have promised to keep Your words, I sought Your favor with all my heart; be gracious to me according to Your word. Psalm 119:57-58 

Declaring God’s favor isn’t some spooky, spiritual mumbo-jumbo. It’s actually quite easy to declare God’s favor in your life. Every morning say something like this: “Father, I thank You that I have Your favor. Your favor is opening doors of opportunity and bringing success into my life. Your favor is causing people to want to help me.” Then go out with confidence, expecting good things to happen, expecting doors to open. There’s something special about you. You have the favor of God 

Anytime you get in a situation where you need favor, learn to declare it. You don’t have to loudly broadcast it to the world. You can whisper it. The volume of your voice is irrelevant, it’s your faith that makes the difference.

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