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Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God

   This book is a lovely kinesthetic way for a right-brain, creative, perfectionistic person to pray.  I got it several years ago and have enjoyed the freedom I’ve found in praying with my extensive marker collection.  
   The picture isn’t the book cover, but rather a prayer painting my friend who works in Kyrgzstan created for me on my last birthday.  She wrote: “As I was painting it dawned on me that it was a huge Praying in Color painting. The the themes that came up were Joy (Like Phillipians- rejoice in the Lord always) Happiness, Wholeness, Health, Identity and Seasons. I pray that it will bring an atmosphere of contentment, happiness and peace into your home.”

Jesus Calling 

by Sarah Young
Amazon: 4.8 rating with 710 reviews

Decades ago for Christmas, my mother gave me, and the other women of the family, paperback copies of God Calling.  Her copy was well-worn and had a home on a shelf in the bathroom. My bathrooms never had shelves, but over the years, my copy too became well-worn from years of inspiration and comfort, which is why I was drawn to Jesus Calling. The gentle teal drew me in even more and once I touched the soft leatherette cover, I couldn’t help but buy it–I love texture. I wasn’t disappointed by the contents either. One morning at church I noticed a mother of three girls who had a children’s version. I commented that I really like mine. Her young daughter said, “I like it too, because it always seems like it’s talking about something in my life that I’m going through right then.”


  1. Praying for you my dear friend. Praying for provisions beyond your expectations, for strength, for clarity and for renewed health. I'm thankful for the scriptures and songs I've received in the part couple of years. God was/is faithful! May He continue to show up in Sweet ways in your life.

    Joy – Is.33:6


  2. Goody,
    Thinking of and praying for you today, Lisa! I hope the scan goes well and the results are understandable for doctors and you! Miss you, Friend!
    -Goody 🙂


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